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Senate Democrats Agree To Stopgap Spending Bill


The Reuters news agency reports that Senate Democrats will “back a temporary funding measure proposed by House Republicans that would avert a looming government shutdown and give Congress two weeks more to resolve a pitched battle over spending cuts.”

Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid said, “We’ll pass this and then we’ll look to funding the government on a long-term basis.”  That gives us all something to look forward to in the next couple of weeks.

The Democrats maintain that Republican plans to cut $61 billion in spending – less than 5% of the current federal deficit – would “imperil the shaky economic recovery and throw hundreds of thousands of people out of work.”  Government jobs are forever.

Reuters felt compelled to add that “Without a stopgap spending bill, the government will shut down on Friday.”  Remember, diets are fatal!

Update: the House has passed the stopgap spending measure by a vote of 335-91.  According to Fox News, Harry Reid says it will pass the Senate “in the next 48 hours.”  Republicans rejected a Democrat proposal for a 30-day extension, passing one good for only two weeks instead.

Update: the Senate has now passed the stopgap spending measure.

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