Perspectives From Israel On The Middle East

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
-George Santayana

This article is dull, no fancy rhetoric here.  This article supplies usable facts next time someone quotes a Cheap Yellow newspaper, or an expensive Yellow newspaper –a question of perspective – you can answer with reality, rather than commandments on what you’re ‘supposed’ to think. 

Israel Today (free daily newspaper) 18 Feb. edition: news item about Israel’s economy; unemployment at an historic low, the economy grew during the second half of 2010 by 5.4% and Q4 by 8%.  The tiger squeaks, but nobody listens because you’ve been told what you are allowed to think.  You’re not supposed to know that in Israel, discrimination is illegal.  If you decline to hire somebody because he is Arab (for instance) your business may be liable to be closed and you may go to jail.  If you build housing, ‘for Jews’, your business may be closed and you may go to jail. 

June 1980, was the ‘last time’ the Moslem Brotherhood tried to take a country via ‘popular revolt’.  It was Syria and the country was headed by Hafaz Assad, father of the current Furrer.  Relatively simple solution; he took several corps of tanks and slowly ran over entire neighbourhoods, crushing tens of thousands of men, women and children. 

Before that, September 1970: that wasn’t the Muslim Brotherhood, it was the PLO – Palestine Liberation Organisation – trying to take over what they then called Palestine, but what the world calls Jordon.  The leader was King Hussein, father of the current Furrer.  His solution was relatively simple.  He took several corps of tanks, quickly crushing about ten thousand men.  Not markedly different.  In revenge, Black September (yes, that’s the name source) murdered American Leon Klinghoffer, by throwing him and his wheelchair into the sea. 

See, Mubarek was a nice guy, perspective counts!  (Einstein said, “Not everything that counts, can be counted.”)

Lara Logan was gang raped and beaten nearly to death on the streets of Cairo, while telling ‘THEIR’ story, while the police looked on – and may even have participated, as they did in Ramallah.  Why did they rape her?  A Sheik said it was because she was “uncovered meat” (really, he actually said that, I didn’t make it up, truth is once again more disgusting then fiction).  The reason actually goes far deeper than that. 

In Muslim society a women who has been raped is executed for her crime.  If she accuses her rapist, and does not bring four male witnesses attesting it, then she’s stoned; if she accuses none, she’s allowed to hang.  So, raping Logan means she can now be trivially killed any time she appears in any Muslim country. 

Of course, she was also declared by the mob to be a Jew, so that any possessions she may have had are also allowed to be freely taken.  And, as a Jew (is she?) she herself is allowed to be taken automatically as a sex slave.  So, of course, her rapists were simply performing their duty.  Who are you to accuse them? 

I have a book called, “Women in Islamic Shari’ah” by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan.  Somehow, neither rapes, nor genital mutilation, are mentioned.  However, the “Book of Marriage” does, as does Sheikh Umar ibn Muhammad al-Nefzawi in “The Perfumed Garden” (the latter, makes the Kama Sutra blush).  Al-Wala’u wa Al-Bara’ – the doctrine of Taqqiya permits Muslims to mislead the unbeliever.  This is part of the role of Da’wah in the Islamic onslaught against Dar al-Harb.  See, it is all a question of your perspective.  If you don’t see, then your perspective is distorted – perhaps because someone once taught you that you ought to view the world through reality, Allah forbid! 

There are riots (‘unrest’ in parlance of professional journalists) in Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya – did I miss anyone?  In Jordon and Syria, even if anyone there tried to go out into the street, people there remember.  If you want my humble opinion; the only professional ME journalist I accept without further checking is Caroline Glick.  Remember that next time you’re fed a line.  I’m not a journalist, just a humble rocket scientist. 

Meanwhile, Grad rockets are falling in Abraham’s city of Beer Sheva and in Tahrir Square (remember those guys ‘pleading for democracy’?) two million Egyptians chant “To Jerusalem we are heading, martyrs in the millions.”

That is one of the differences, so hard to remember.  In the Liberal West, ‘Nowism uber alles’ reflects a view of history.  ‘Who cares’ what happened yesterday?  I can’t get no satisfaction!  In this neighbourhood, if Muhammad did it, or any of his companions, then it’s great and must be the best thing that can be done.  Democracy in Egypt?  It may happen yet, but only a fool will expect it to resemble ‘Western Democracy’. 

Poor things, ‘female journalists’, haven’t seemed to have figured out – yet – what the real story here is. 

Persia delenda est … Ceterum censeo Persia esse delendam?