Somali Pirates Strike Again


Having gotten away with the kidnap and murder of four innocent Americans last week, the pirates of Somali have decided to raise the stakes, plucking a Danish yacht from the Indian Ocean with four adults and three children on board.  The notion that these pirates rarely target passenger vessels is looking a bit worn around the edges.

Fox News reports the Danish authorities “would not supply any further details on the missing passengers” for security reasons. 

The President of the United States, whose name no one can remember any more, has thus far offered no reaction to the murder of American citizens by these pirates, so they clearly have nothing to fear from that quarter.  As long as British Prime Minister David Cameron has taken the initiative in securing the rebellious people of Libya from Moammar Qaddafi’s air force, maybe he’ll pick up the abandoned reins of American leadership in this area as well, and task the British Navy to follow its long tradition of shutting down piracy.  Once upon a time, they were very good at it. 

Once upon a time, so were we.