Wisconsin Assembly Passes Labor Reforms

The Wisconsin Assembly passed Governor Scott Walker’s reform package last night, moving the legislation to the state Senate, which is famously empty of Democrats these days.  There was much sorrow in various undisclosed locations throughout Illinois.

The Associated Press write-up of the bill’s passage is hilarious.  Assembly Democrats – praised by Republican Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald for having the guts to actually show up and do their jobs – tried to filibuster by “throwing out dozens of amendments and delivering rambling speeches.”  Whenever the Republicans tried to get things moving again, “Democrats rose from their seats and wailed that the GOP was stifling them.”  After sixty hours of this, the Republicans called a vote at one o’clock in the morning, and the “bewildered” Democrats were so punch-drunk from their own antics that only 13 of them managed to vote in time.

Thus did the political foot soldiers of union bosses fall in battle against the taxpayers of Wisconsin.

 Filibustering is at least a legitimate procedural tactic, unlike the despicable quorum-busting that cowardly Senate Democrats have been engaged in, but sometimes a filibuster attempt does fail.  The taxpayers of Wisconsin will certainly be entitled to keep the Democrat Assembly circus in mind during the next election.

Speaking of those profiles in courage, the clock is now ticking for the fleebaggers.  If they don’t come out of their spider holes and get back to Madison pronto, the state will miss the deadline for refinancing the debt, and then a lot of those lovely union goons pounding drums and comparing Walker to genocidal dictators all over the capitol will find themselves with zero salary and zero benefits.

Governor Walker imposed a deadline that will run out tonight, but the Associated Press speculates that he could conceivably push it back to the middle of next week, and still have enough time to complete the financing arrangements and meet a hard deadline of March 16.  I can’t imagine why anyone would want to give the fleebaggers a couple more days to snivel and watch free HBO in their hotel rooms.  Why should the governor take chances with rosy assumptions about the length of time it will take to complete a deal?  Why should he and his staff work late into the night in a mad scramble to finalize the details, just to give Democrat fugitives a few more days to call into TV studios from their undisclosed locations? 

The Governor’s deadline of Friday night has been well known, ever since the Democrats piled into that ridiculous little yellow bus and dodged state troopers in a mad dash for Illinois.  The voters of Wisconsin deserve a functional state government.  Scott Walker and the Republicans are working hard to give it to them.  If the state Senate cannot lawfully convene with a quorum today, let the unemployed public union workers of Wisconsin spend the weekend roaming Illinois to find those “undisclosed locations,” so they can thank the fugitive Democrats for wiping out their jobs.  The rest of Wisconsin can get to work on a plan for privatizing education, so their kids have a shot at getting out of the hole decades of public education bureaucracy have left them in.