Tea Party Corners Fugitive Indiana Democrats


The most important thing about hiding in an “undisclosed location” is remembering not to disclose it.  Since fugitive Democrats have a penchant for communicating with the media to issue lists of demands, it was only a matter of time before their spider holes were discovered.

One such spider hole turned out to be the Comfort Suites Hotel in Urbana, Illinois, where Indiana fleebaggers have been hiding from democracy.  Democracy found them anyway, in the form of a little band of Tea Party activists, who assembled for a protest at the hotel.  Fox News reports there were about a dozen of them, “mostly senior citizens.”  This makes sense, because unlike public union shock troops, most younger Tea Party people have jobs they must attend during the day, and nobody from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine is offering to write fraudulent doctor’s notes for them.

The Tea Party folks were Illinois natives who want the Indiana fleebaggers to go home and do their jobs.  “These people in the hotel are paid to do their job, not hang out in Urbana,” said organizer Fred Barham, shedding further light upon the complex and intricate Tea Party platform.

Mr. Barham doesn’t have to worry too much about those Democrats getting paid to hang out in Urbana.  As the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette reports, fugitive Democrat Minority Leader Patrick Bauer, who represents union interests in South Bend, assured the media that “Democrats are not accepting their per-diem allowance while out-of-state,” and “the Indiana Democratic Party is footing the hotel and transportation bill.”  How do you like those apples, non-union Democrat contributors of Indiana?  Maybe the fugitives will bring back some of those little bars of soap and bottles of shampoo from the hotel for you, as souvenirs.

Now that their hiding place is public knowledge, the fugitive Democrats want America’s “working people” – by which they mean unions, not you stupid non-union tax serfs – to know they’re not just pumping quarters into the hotel massage beds.  They have “put in long days in caucus at the hotel, except a short break Thursday morning to watch live video of supporters rallying at the Statehouse,” according to the Journal Gazette.  Also, Fox brings us the exciting news that “one of the absent Indiana House Democrats, Charlie Brown of Gary, says there is an effort underway to get the two wayward caucus delegations – Indiana Democrats here in Urbana, and the Wisconsin Senate Democrats – together for a meeting in Illinois.”  Illinois is the new crossroads of anti-democracy!  Never before have so many traveled so far to impose the will of so few upon so many.