Dragnet: Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Police have once again visited the homes of fugitive Democrat representatives, who fled the state to avoid voting on Governor Scott Walker’s reforms, because they “represent” union bosses, not taxpayers.  They’re not at home, and the state cops know it, but certain formalities must be observed.

The fleebagger Democrats have been giving media interviews from their undisclosed locations, crowing about how the cops will never catch them.  One of them even called into “Fox and Friends” this morning.  In the movies, there would have been a beautiful FBI agent and her determined partner standing just off-stage, urging Gretchen Carlson to keep the Democrat on the phone a little longer so they could run a trace.

According to Channel 3000 news, “Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said he hopes Democrats will feel compelled to come back with a police officer at their door.”  Why would that compel them to come back?  Duty, responsibility, and basic civics haven’t done the job.  You can’t shame people who sold their sense of shame for bags of campaign cash long ago.  Having a cop at the front door matters a lot less than having Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO at the back door.

Speaking of Trumka, he’s got a secret meeting with Vice President Joe Biden and Labor Secretary Hilda Solis scheduled for this morning, held behind closed doors and sealed off from the press.  Like any other paramilitary operation, the War On Taxpayers must be planned in private, away from the prying eyes of the enemy.  On the bright side, Obama press conferences will be more focused and interesting once he gets his new marching orders from Trumka.  Hopefully Biden won’t lose them on the way to the Oval Office after his meeting.

Hilariously, fugitive Wisconsin Democrat Jon Erpenbach, who is hiding somewhere in the Chicago area, tried to blame his dereliction of duty on Governor Walker.  “It’s not so much the Democrats holding things up, it’s really a matter of Gov. Walker holding things up,” he whined to the Associated Press.  He said the Democrats “would not return until Walker was willing to compromise.”  Well, it looks like Walker isn’t going to compromise, so that means these Democrats are gone for good.  Is it time to hold a special election to fill their empty seats yet?

This whole notion of expecting Walker to “compromise” or “negotiate” is a deadly mistake for the Democrats, because it makes the true nature of the situation painfully clear: unions and their Democrat representatives on one side of the table, Republicans and taxpayers on the other.  I’m sure that will go over well in the 2012 elections.

Meanwhile, over in Ohio, Republicans adjusted their collective bargaining reforms to more closely match Wisconsin’s, allowing public unions to bargain for wages, but not benefits.  That still wasn’t good enough for Ohio Senate Democratic Leader Capri Cafaro, who called the changes “window dressing” and demanded the entire bill be scrapped.  Cafaro can’t follow standard Democrat protocol and flee the state to protect the interests of her union paymasters, because there aren’t enough Democrat state senators in Ohio to thwart the simple majority needed for a quorum.  Voters and Republican lawmakers, take note: when the enemy in the War On Taxpayers cannot flee the state, they are totally intransigent.  No compromises with them are useful, or necessary.