The Koch Tease


Remember how liberals were shrieking and howling in rage because Andrew Breitbart and the kids from Live Action have been destroying fully accredited liberal organs with undercover “prank” videos?  Well, never mind all that.  A lefty journalist just tried it with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, so it’s now the most legitimate form of political expression ever invented, at least until Breitbart does it again.

Do you know who the Koch Brothers are?  The Left is very interested in making sure that you do.  You can learn all about them by asking any employee of a George Soros media operation for a brochure.  Basically, they’re wealthy businessmen who give money to conservative causes they believe in.  For some reason, the Left thinks that screaming about them will frighten middle-class voters into the arms of the liberal politicians.  We’re one election away from liberals realizing it has the opposite effect, by making them look like twitchy conspiracy freaks who think political debate involves waving hate fetishes and making scary noises.

To give you an idea how important this meme is to liberals, no less than the New York Times has pitched in with a hyperventilating editorial about Tim Phillips of Americans for Prosperity attending a counter-protest in Madison.  Phillips is “a well-financed advocate” of a non-profit with a “surging” budget that received some evil Koch dollars… just like Governor Scott Walker!  How are impoverished public unions, who must scrape by on what they can siphon from taxpayers, supposed to compete with that kind of money machine?

To further warn America of this dire threat, an editor for a lefty website decided it would be fun to call Scott Walker and pretend to be one of the Koch Brothers.  You can’t really pull a stunt like that with Wisconsin Democrats at the moment, because they’re hiding in an undisclosed location, but Walker can still be reached at his office.

The most important fact revealed by the call is that Walker has never actually communicated with the Koch Brothers, and has no idea what they sound like.  Slavering hatred dulls the wits, so it will take the Left a few days to understand this, and begin pretending the call never happened.

The second most important revelation to come from this call is that Walker is remarkably consistent in his views and positions.  He says nothing that differs significantly from his public statements.  It was nice of the Left to confirm this for us.  Maybe they could do the same thing with the Democrats… oh, right, undisclosed location.  Never mind.

It’s supposed to be a slam against Walker that he lets some salty language from the Koch impersonator slide, such as when he calls the Democrats “bastards” and jokes about going after them with a baseball bat, or talks about “crushing the unions.”  Since about 80% of America feels that way at the moment, the Left might want to think twice about circulating the audio and driving Walker’s poll numbers up.

Writing at the Washington Post, Greg Sargent finds some outrage over the idea that Walker is supposedly “laying a trap for Wisconsin Dems” by inviting them to return to Madison for a talk, then using “a procedural move to move forward with their proposal.”  A trap?  I call that “making them do their jobs,” something Democrats apparently must be compelled to do with the force of law.  The only people in Wisconsin who wouldn’t rise in thunderous applause over the springing of that “trap” are the ones already marching outside the state capitol with “Mubarak + Hitler = Walker” signs.

So, the weary governor fighting to bring a measure of fiscal sanity to Wisconsin did not feel moved to jump in and correct a caller who spoke of bastards and baseball bats.  A few more “victories” like this, and the Left might just succeed in erasing the Democrat Party entirely during the next election.