GALLUP: Obama's Approval Ratings Decline in Every State; Reagan Voted America's Best President

President Obama’s approval ratings declined in every state, including liberal bastions such as California and New York, and the District of Columbia from 2009 to 2010, according to a survey released by Gallup on Wednesday.

Gallup’s polling results revealed that “five of the 10 least approving states in 2012 were in the West: Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Alaska, and Montana. The other least approving states were mostly in the middle of the country, including Oklahoma, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Kansas.”

Such numbers seem to reflect the aversion to centralized government that makes up the ethos of many in the western frontier states, and Obama’s association with big government policies most likely explains the drop in his poll numbers. 

Some other interesting numbers from the survey. Obama’s approval rating declined by 14.5 percent in Arizona, where the Obama Administration has tangled with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer over border control and the state’s immigration policies, such as the famed S.B. 1070.

In Kentucky, home of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell who vowed to devote his time to ensuring that Obama does not get a second term, Obama’s approval ratings dropped by 14.2%.

In Missouri, which has always been a bellwether state, Obama’s approval ratings dropped by 14.1 percent.

In the key 2012 battleground states, Obama’s approval ratings dropped from seven to eleven percent in these states: Virginia (11.1%); Pennsylvania (11.1%); Florida (11%); Iowa (10.2%); Wisconsin (9.8%); North Carolina (8.5%); Ohio (7.5%); New Mexico (7.3%); Colorado (7%).

This downward trend for Obama comes on the heels of another poll released by Gallup before President’s Day weekend that revealed that Ronald Reagan was voted by Americans as the nation’s greatest president.

According to the Gallup survey, Reagan led the field with 19 percent of the vote. He was followed  by Abraham Lincoln (14%) and Bill Clinton (13%).

Among Republicans, 38 percent said Reagan was the greatest President while 14 percent said George Washington and 13 percent said Bill Clinton.

Among Democrats, Clinton led the way 22 percent of the vote; John F. Kennedy with 18 percent and Barack Obama with 11 percent.

The fact that 11 percent of Democrats surveyed named Barack Obama as the country’s best President less than half way into his first term at a time when every state’s approval rating of him decreased significantly reveals how out of touch a significant portion of the liberal base is with the rest of the country.