Allen West Versus the Pirates


Congressman Allen West of Florida has released a statement on the heartless murder of four Americans by Somali pirates, reproduced below in its entirety:

“The situation that occurred off the coast of Somalia is nothing short of a brazen attack on our fellow countrymen by a group of terrorists.

“Piracy is nothing new in this region. One cannot forget the First Barbary War of 1801 between the U.S. and the North African Muslim states known as the Barbary States.

“The disturbing trend of more frequent and violent attacks by Somali pirates in this current period of time is something that the free world must take seriously. 

“This horrific tragedy is a reminder that the United States must continue funding and supporting a strong Naval-Maritime force to maintain open sea lanes of transit and ensure the safety of all ships that cross these routes.

“I pray for the those who were lost, and for comfort for their loved ones left behind.” 

It’s too bad we don’t have a President who says things like this when atrocities are perpetrated against Americans… right before he gives the Navy its orders.  Since the Oval Office is vacant at the moment, could Allen West use it for a while?