War On Taxpayers Update: Ohio and Michigan

The public unions in Ohio have organized a protest outside their statehouse, with an estimated 4000 demonstrators in attendance.  Governor John Kasich decided to lock the crowd out of the statehouse, a decision that did not sit well with them.  The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports the Ohio Democratic Party called on the governor to “instruct the Ohio Highway Patrol to open the Statehouse doors.”  It would be nice if Democrats could make up their minds whether they want to be in, or out, of state houses.  Over in Wisconsin and Indiana, they couldn’t wait to leave.

Fleeing the state to shut down democracy is not an option for Ohio Democrats, since only a simple majority is needed to proceed with state business.  They’re going to have to stand and fight, with shrill arguments like this one from an Ohio teacher ringing in their ears: “Teaching runs in my blood.  It’s a calling, it’s a profession. It’s not what I do, it’s who I am…  I think that the more than 300,000 education professionals are in their jobs because it’s who they are, not what they do. It’s not a job, it’s not a career, it’s a calling.” 

So, to recap, Ohio taxpayers should just shut up and fund limitless benefits, ignoring the dismal performance of unionized public teachers, because teaching is a calling that pumps through their blood.  And don’t forget that line of cash flowing from compulsory union dues into Democrat coffers!  Politics is a “calling” for Democrats, too.  Sometimes it calls them to strange places, like the Best Western Clock Tower resort in Illinois.

Meanwhile, the AFL-CIO is putting together protests in Michigan, where another collective-bargaining bill is on the table, and Republican governor Rick Snyder is facing a $1.8 billion budget deficit.  The Christian Science Monitor turned to University of Illinois “labor expert” Robert Bruno to explain the stakes: “If you’re engaged in progressive politics, you’re part of the labor movement, and you’re looking at a real threat to your ability to function and to your very existence, it does call out strong resistance.”  It’s completely unreasonable to expect union members to survive in a world where they earn raises through merit, contribute to their own pensions, and face the prospect of termination for poor performance.  That’s a threat to their very existence!

Look, it’s obvious at this point that anyone seeking to introduce a shred of sanity into state budgets is really out to lobotomize children and exterminate union employees.  You tax serfs need to learn your place.  Don’t you understand that lavish public union benefits exist completely outside of democracy?  You have no right to influence the way your tax money is spent.  Public unions are entitled to your hard-earned money.  Noble union employees are “workers,” while you just sit there and ooze tax money.

When Ohio governor John Kasich says he wants to “create equity between those people who pay the bills and those people who basically have jobs because people pay taxes,” he’s committing civic blasphemy.  The obvious solution to closing his $8 billion budget shortfall is through massive tax increases.  After all, rich people don’t have rights to their property, the way union members are entitled to their benefits.

Attempts to escape from this relationship will not be tolerated.  One of the reforms opposed by unions in Michigan would allow the state to terminate union contracts with bankrupt cities and towns.  That’s ridiculous, because death is no escape from the obligation of taxpayers to sustain public unions.  Union bosses are quite capable of feeding off corpses.