The Indiana Democrat Boogie


The Democrat Party has shut down democracy in Indiana, following the example set by the cowards of Wisconsin.  When the Republican Speaker of the House in Indiana tried to begin a session today, he found only three of the 40 House Democrats looking back at him, preventing the establishment of a quorum.

As quoted by the Evansville Courier & Press, one of the three Democrats who bothered to show up explained that her associates were “studying proposed legislation.”  She could not predict when they would return.  The Speaker heard nothing from the fugitives, not even a lousy University of Wisconsin doctor’s note.

The reason democracy has been suspended in Indiana is that the House is under a deadline to consider a right-to-work law.  The Courier & Press describes the bill as prohibiting “union representation fees from being a condition of employment.”  The will of the voters counts for nothing when union cash flow is at stake!

The name of the Democrat Party seems increasingly inappropriate, since they have very little interest in democracy when it thwarts the agenda of their most powerful constituents.  Let the voters of every state learn this important lesson: the only way to ensure functional government is to burn the Democrat Party down, until so few of them remain that they are no longer necessary to establish a quorum.  Then you’ll be able to conduct state business without worrying about their temper tantrums.

On the bright side, people suffering under Democrat governance in states beside Wisconsin and Indiana now have an easy way to get rid of them, instantly: just introduce a law union bosses don’t like.  Two states are now Democrat-free.  55 states to go!