The War On Taxpayers


Barack Obama’s “Organizing for America” web page includes this update about the situation in Wisconsin: “For the past two days, thousands of workers have been gathering at the State Capitol in Madison, WI, to defend their rights in the workplace. From nurses to police officers, public sector workers and OFA volunteers have been protesting against proposed legislation to take away workers’ rights to bargain collectively.”

Nurses?  Well, the medical profession is certainly doing its part in Madison.  Fox News reports that “alleged doctors were handing out ‘fake’ sick notes to protesters – allowing them to call in sick while the budget impasse continues.” Conservative provocateur Andrew Breitbart strolled up to one of these highly professional practitioners of medicine and got a “sick note” by simply asking for one.  You’d think leftist agitators would start carrying little cards with Breitbart’s picture on them.

Police officers?  WTMJ Radio in Milwaukee reports testimony from “a savvy insider” that “a young female reporter trying to get into the Senate chamber struggled to get through the crowd.  She arrived disheveled and upset because she had been roughed up as she tried to get through.  A senior senator was spat on.  A senator and his female staffer struggled to get into the capitol. He was worried about his staffer because the crowd was grabbing at her and pushing her. University Police were two arms lengths away and did nothing. They, of course, are union.”  The Wisconsin Senate was forced to adjourn early on Friday because its security could not be guaranteed.

What condition have the union mobs and President Obama’s shock troops left the capitol in?  Another eyewitness quoted by WTMJ says “the entire place smelled when she walked in on Friday morning. There was garbage everywhere… This is one of the most beautiful Capitol buildings in the country. The mob had no respect for the place, for what happens there, or for the citizens whose freedoms it represents.”

How about those Organizing for America volunteers?  What have the President’s political operatives been up to?  A correspondent in Wisconsin tells me they’re making “cold calls to the general public to get support.”  They woke up his elderly mother-in-law early in the morning, to ask her to travel over sixty miles to march with the unions.

Every aspect of the Democrat machine, from the DNC to Nancy Pelosi, from MSNBC to Jesse Jackson, has been activated in Wisconsin.  The Tea Party has arranged counter-protests.  Presidential candidate Herman Cain spoke at one of these rallies, and called the protests in Madison “ground zero for the rest of the nation.”

Cain has it exactly right.  The War on Taxpayers is under way, and if you are not a union member, the Democrat Party is your declared enemy. 

President Obama is a general in the opposing army.  As the Associated Press puts it, “President Barack Obama and his political machine are offering tactical support, eager to repair strained relations with some union leaders upset over his recent overtures to business.”  The New York Times calls the protests “more organized than organic,” and says the unions and Democrats see this event as “an opportunity to begin rallying troops for the next election.”  Union machinery is already plowing a similar field of Astroturf in Ohio, where another broke state government is trying to gain control of crippling public union benefit costs.

What has begun in Wisconsin is the final, logical outcome of the political allocation of wealth.  The spectacle of the President of the United States deliberately acting to incite a riot, and overturn the democratic results of a state election, is shocking… to anyone who didn’t already know about his ugly “community organizer” past, which the media didn’t want to talk about in 2008. 

It’s also not really an option for Obama to call for order and insist on respect for the will of Wisconsin voters, and the authority of their governor.  Unions own the Democrat Party, lock stock and barrel.  The teachers union is their biggest contributor at the national level.  When it comes to a choice between the financial security of taxpayers, and the demands of union bosses… well, that’s not really a choice for a Democrat.

“Joe the Plumber” turned up in Madison over the weekend.  Do you remember Obama’s famous comment to him, about how it was better to “spread the wealth around,” instead of leaving it in the hands of those who earn it?  This is what “spreading the wealth around” looks like.  The most important resource in a politicized economy is political power.  A well-organized group, with lots of foot soldiers who can take the day off to protest while taxpayers toil at their jobs, has power which brings them wealth. 

It doesn’t matter that Wisconsin public union employees have benefits the taxpayers can only dream of, or that Governor Walker is asking them to kick in a puny contribution to defray the cost of those lavish benefits.  If the rhetoric of socialism were taken seriously, the government would be taking money away from these union protesters and re-distributing it to taxpayers, whose average compensation and benefits are worth much less.  Socialist politicians and union bosses would lead modest, Spartan lives.  But that’s not what socialism means in practice.  It means government seizing the wealth of private citizens, and paying it to well-organized groups with political clout for sale.  It means public hiring binges while the private sector suffers from double-digit unemployment. 

Of course the Wisconsin teachers unions are leaving kids to rot, while they put together their “Walker = Mubarak = Hitler” signs and storm the capitol.  Educating children is not the primary goal of a teachers union – hasn’t their performance over the last few decades made that painfully clear?  Political power is their primary goal.  It’s what secures their benefits and guarantees their monopoly.  The union forces in Wisconsin are following the incentives of the system.  It’s not as if public education unions can point to their stellar performance and claim they deserve double the benefits of a private sector employee.

The War on Taxpayers is the final stage of the Obama philosophy.  If wealth is allocated by the ruling class, then the route to prosperity lies in convincing them to tax wealth away from the powerless, and give it to you.  The forces arrayed against taxpayers must be defeated in Madison.  Those forces include Barack Obama and his party.  They chose sides a long time ago.  It’s time for you to prove they chose poorly.