We Are All Wisconsin Now


You’re next, Ohio!  President Obama’s “Organizing for America” is ramping up its efforts to protect public union privileges from the objections of tax serfs.  A few thousand public union troops descended on Columbus Thursday, angry at Republican Governor John Kasich’s initiative to weaken their collective bargaining powers.  A chipper article in the Huffington Post reassures us that organizing efforts are now only “a week behind” Wisconsin.  And look how well that’s going!

If you’re an Ohio parent, you should probably start stockpiling educational materials, so you can teach your kids after the union teachers abandon them to join protests at the state house.  Ohio Democrats had better fire up Expedia and find themselves hotel accommodations in Pennsylvania.  You want to lock in the best possible price for your spider hole when you abandon your duties and flee the state to avoid tough votes.  Meanwhile, Ohio Republicans should negotiate for group rates on personal security.

After Ohio, the War On Taxpayers moves to Indiana, where the state Senate wants to limit the collective bargaining privileges of teacher unions.  A Bloomberg News article informs us one of the concessions unions have already won is that “certain teachers with 5 years of experience are not subject to evaluation in Indianapolis public schools.”  Now that’s what I call accountability!  I can’t understand why so many parents want to switch to a privatized education system where every teacher would be subject to evaluation.  They’re pretty much above criticism once they’ve been on the job for five years, right?

We are all Wisconsin now.  Keep an eye on to find out when the President’s shock troops will be bused into your town!

Update: An alert reader emailed me to point out that Ohio’s legislature requires only a simple majority to achieve a quorum.  Since the Republicans have such a majority, the Democrats can’t shut down democracy by fleeing the state.  Cancel those hotel reservations, Democrats!