Alaska Moves To Clarify


Alaska governor Sean Parnell has joined Florida governor Rick Scott in refusing to implement ObamaCare, announcing his decision to the Juneau Chamber of Commerce yesterday.

Parnell cited the ruling of Florida federal judge Roger Vinson, which struck down ObamaCare in its entirety as unconstitutional, since the blatantly illegal “individual mandate” cannot be separated from the rest of the legislation.  The state of Alaska was a party to the suit Vinson ruled on.  Parnell, who is a lawyer, is quoted by the Junea Empire describing the Vinson ruling as “effectively an injunction,” which he refuses to violate.

The Obama Administration responded by filing a “motion to clarify” with Judge Vinson, asking him to make it clear whether or not the ObamaCare law must be considered in effect while his ruling is appealed.

Governor Parnell is actually going a bit further than Florida’s governor, since he is refusing to apply for the federal grants necessary to create ObamaCare’s health care exchanges, while Florida has not refused the money.  He thinks “Florida and the other states leapt early at the bait of federal funds,” while Alaska now “swims freer of federal entanglements than these other states.”

Reporting on Parnell’s announcement, Fox News includes a striking quote from Timothy Jost, a professor at the Washington and Lee University School of Law, who refers to Judge Vinson as “one renegade judge that has reached this decision.”  Actually, there are two judges who reached this decision, with the other being U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson of Virginia.  Are we allowed to start ignoring the rulings of judges we think are “renegades” now?  Do only certain liberal law professors get to apply that designation, or can any law professor void a ruling by a judge he thinks is a “renegade?”

The legal fate of ObamaCare will ultimately be decided in the Supreme Court, and since the rulings of “renegades” don’t count, I’m sure it will be just fine.  Have patience, Alaskans!  Your economy and health care will be ruined in due course.