The Wisconsin Democrat Boogie

Today’s winner of the “Profile in Courage” award for outstanding leadership in politics is the Wisconsin Democrat Party, which has fled the state en masse to avoid getting caught in the battle between angry public union employees and Governor Scott Walker. 

They’re all gone, folks.  The entire Democrat contingent apparently fled to avoid a budget vote.  According to WKNOW News in Madison, Republican Senate Majority leader Scott Fitzgerald has called the cops to find them.  He needs at least one Democrat to establish a quorum so the budget repair bill can be voted upon.

The contest in Wisconsin is stark.  A politician either stands with the taxpayers, or with the unions who are their declared enemies.  President Obama has chosen sides, as he is unwilling to do in foreign conflicts between corrupt elites and the people.  His website at, which is used by the “Organizing for America” operation that grew out of his 2008 presidential campaign, is currently carrying a post declaring that it will “fight for our state workers.”  They’re fighting against you, taxpayers.  The benefits and compensation for public union forces are extracted from you.  You are the enemy.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of the Wisconsin Democrat Party, please contact the authorities immediately.  Do not attempt to approach a fugitive Wisconsin Democrat, as they are extremely dangerous, and have been known to bleed taxpayers dry.  Law enforcement personnel across the border in Illinois are advised to be on the lookout.