Rep. McCotter: Egypt Can't Devolve Into Iran

When Egypt first descended into chaos, Thaddeus McCotter penned an op-ed for HUMAN EVENTS arguing that we could be witnessing the Iranian Revolution part 2 right before our eyes. We caught up with the Michigan Congressman at CPAC after Hosni Mubarak stepped down, and in his characteristically sarcastic tone, McCotter didn’t back down from his original analysis.

 “Simply having the autocrat Mubarak leave to be replaced by a military dictatorship is not necessarily a step in the march for freedom,” he noted. “You do not want [the situation to] devolve into the re-creation of the Iranian Revolution of 1979. And as of today, the [Obama] administration cannot tell us how they are going to prevent that.”

You’ll want to see the entire interview. McCotter has a great sense of humor. Not only do we talk Egypt, spending cuts, and the debt ceiling, but we manage to sneak in a question about his sex appeal. Just to make him uncomfortable.

It didn’t work.