Why Does the Left Hate Michele Bachmann?

They most certainly do, huh? I mean, Chris Matthews and his dome-sized head will spend an entire show on the Minnesota congresswoman. He and his lib pals are obsessed with her. We caught up with Congresswoman Bachmann at CPAC and asked her why she drives the left crazy.

Here’s her response:

I’d also add that liberals become even more hysterical when conservatives go against their assigned gender’s political orthodoxy. I can just see some nasty-looking Planned Parenthood chick screaming at Bachmann through the television, “You’re a female; you’re supposed to vote Democrat. Stop being a traitor to women everywhere. Ugh, I need another abortion now!”

Then, naturally, the Planned Parenthood chick storms out of her house fuming and seeks out the first pimp she can find to assist him with underage sex trafficking.


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