The Audacity of Irrelevance


President Obama gave a remarkable press conference this morning, in which he demonstrated nearly total ignorance of economics, the contents of his own budget proposal, the expressed will of the American people, and world events.  This was more than a bizarre performance.  It suggests serious questions need to be asked about the President’s state of mind.

On foreign policy, the President rambled on about Egypt for several minutes, apparently desperate to reinforce the narrative of the Egyptian uprising as somehow being a triumph of his foreign policy.  “I think history will end up recording that at every juncture in the situation in Egypt that we were on the right side of history,” he told CNN reporter Ed Henry.  Well, history will record that if gullible journalists repeat the utterly delusional spin coming out of the White House often enough. 

There is no way any sane person could look at the dozens of conflicting statements and shifting policy positions emanating from the Obama Administration and conclude any sort of logical, coherent strategy was being pursued.  It was a difficult situation to navigate, and the President should simply admit as much.  Will he still be claiming he personally orchestrated the entire saga if the Muslim Brotherhood takes over?

As for the Iranian uprising, the President offered these words of inspiration to people who are being beaten, shot, and gassed in the streets by their brutal, tyrannical regime: “On Iran, we were clear then, and we are clear then and we are clear now, that the people should be able to express their grievances and seek a more responsive government. What has been different is the Iranian government’s response, which is to shoot people, beat people, and arrest people.  My hope and expectation is that we are going to continue to see the people of Iran have the courage to express their yearning for greater freedoms and a more representative government.”  So, no calls for the theocracy to step down now, and “now means yesterday.”  Suck it up, Iranian protesters.  Sure hope we continue to see courage and a yearning for freedom from those of you who survive the crackdown!

As for the budget he came to discuss, Obama made it clear his abdication of fiscal responsibility is total and complete.  His idea of deficit reduction consists of pretending all the spending he really wants to do is “investment,” so it doesn’t count.  “What my budget does is put forward some tough choices, significant spending cuts,” he said, describing a document that increases the funding for National Public Radio.  He’s already increased the national debt by over 40 percent.  If the 10-year projections in his budget are followed, he will double it… and that’s not even accounting for the Social Security and Medicare meltdowns he completely ignores.

He described the ObamaCare disaster as a “down payment” on dealing with entitlement reform, which conjures a truly terrifying vision of the future indeed.  The man who engineered 20 straight months of double-digit unemployment claims there’s “a bunch of stuff” in his budget for “job creation”… even as Seahawk Drilling, the second-largest shallow-water drilling operation in the Gulf of Mexico, files for bankruptcy due to his insane energy policies.

Obama claims the government won’t “be running up the credit cards anymore,” but instead will seize endless billions from productive America to make “key investments.”  That means giving money to the same abject failures we’ve been subsidizing for decades, like the Democrats’ good friends in the teachers unions.  The billions we’ve already given them have produced students who can’t hold their own in international competitions with nations that spend a third as much on education, or pass the most basic entrance examinations for our own military, but by all means, let’s throw another trillion bucks at them and see what they can do!

He said we should “try to keep taxes as simple as possible and as low as possible,” while submitting a budget riddled with tax increases.  He continues to peddle the deadly fantasy that deficit reduction can be achieved by taxing the hell out of the Evil Rich… when we could seize their entire net worth outright, and Obama would spend it to the last penny in a matter of months.

Asked if he would consider “deeper spending cuts before you consider tax hikes,” Obama immediately responded by talking about millions of young people cut off from school, and “cutting infant formula to poor kids.”  Like every coward, his first instinct when he gets busted is to take some kids hostage.  Cut a nickel from this absurd fantasy of a budget, and you’re starving infants.

Some people, like Lexington Green over at the Chicago Boyz, have been speculating that this ridiculous budget was never meant to be taken seriously.  Instead, it’s intended as bait in a trap for the Republicans.  When they counter with a more sane and responsible set of budget proposals, and begin a confrontation that might ultimately lead to a government shutdown, Obama springs the trap and cruises to re-election as the man who saved a shivering and wretched America from the Party of Scrooge.  If that’s true, it’s an absolute outrage.  We don’t need a chief executive who plays games with the nation’s future, wasting gigantic amounts of our time and money, to score political points.

With his new budget and press conference, Barack Obama declares himself utterly and completely irrelevant to this nation’s future.  He serves no purpose other than to reinforce delusions and build false expectations.  He’s saying the free market system is finished, liberty as we understand it is bankrupt, and we might as well enjoy the last drop on our roller-coaster ride to insolvency.  There are nations that might accept such a message from their leadership.  America is not one of them. The mere submission of this budget is an abrogation of Presidential duty that should never be forgiven.  



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