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VIDEO: CPAC with the one and only Ann Coulter.


Coulter on Keith Olbermann: “Pompous, Prissy, Ridiculous Fruitcakeâ?

VIDEO: CPAC with the one and only Ann Coulter.

We caught up with the inestimable Ann Coulter at CPAC before she took to the stage.

And she didn’t disappoint.

Coulter on Keith Olbermann’s departure: “Very sad not being able to watch that pompous, prissy, ridiculous fruitcake on TV every night.”

Coulter on her latest book, which drops in June: “It will give you an all new way of thinking of liberals.”

Coulter on the thousands of young people at CPAC: “Doesn’t this give you hope for the future? You look out over the sea of beautiful, young right-wingers.”

Coulter on free markets: “We’re not pro-business; we’re pro-competition.”

See the rest for yourself:

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