The Obama Budget: Government Is Not Big Enough Yet


If you’re one of the countless Americans worried about wild and unsustainable government spending, President Obama has a message for you: the government isn’t big enough yet.

The new budget includes a paltry trillion dollars of proposed deficit reduction over a decade.  That means we’ll end up with four straight years of trillion-dollar deficits, blowing right through the end of Obama’s first term.  By 2015, we’ll settle down to $500 billion deficits, which the Administration says we can comfortably absorb forever.  Remember when Democrats crucified George Bush for a $450 billion deficit?  Remember the “Pay-Go” commitment congressional Democrats trumpeted so loudly?

A third of this absurdly small deficit reduction comes through tax increases that Congress has already rejected.  Isn’t this the president who has been running around and boasting of how he “hasn’t raised anyone’s taxes?”  Not only was he lying through his teeth about his past behavior, but he giving those interviews at the same time he was writing a new budget that included massive tax increases.  Time for another Michael Medved column about what an honest guy Obama is!

According to the Associated Press, the new budget also includes “spending increases in selected areas of education, biomedical research, energy efficiency, high-speed rail.”  Thank God they didn’t cut the billions for high-speed rail in some misguided attempt to stop giving huge piles of taxpayer money to labor unions!

The press is already spinning furiously to conceal the shocking dereliction of Presidential duty in this budget.  The CNN headline reads, “Painful Cuts In Obama’s $3.7 Trillion Budget.”  Yes, it’s agonizing to freeze spending at the bloated levels reached by a wild spending spree.  Nothing is more painful that hitting the credit limit on a platinum credit card… and continuing to pile on charges at a slightly reduced rate.

The Associated Press describes the appalling deficits in the Obama budget as reflective of “a sizeable tax-cut agreement reached with Republicans in December.”  No, it’s reflective of wild, uncontrolled, irresponsible spending.  God save us from media drones who keep chanting the mantra that deficits are produced by greedy Americans who refuse to pay their “fair share.”

Describing the Republican insistence on greater fiscal discipline, the AP says “they want spending frozen at 2008 levels before efforts to fight a deep recession boosted spending in the past two years.”  No, they were efforts to build slush funds and pay off Democrat special interests, and the result was higher unemployment than Obama and his people warned about if they didn’t get their trillion dollars of ”stimulus” loot.  Even a brief description of the Obama spending spree that doesn’t mention the billions which disappeared into non-existent zip codes, or congealed into a thick layer of slush at the bottom of state government coffers, is journalistic malpractice.

Only in the thin atmosphere of biased and corrupt newsrooms could a liberal president jack up federal spending by thirty percent in two years, then make a feeble attempt to trim a tiny bit here and there while still spending more, and be congratulated for proposing “painful cuts.”  This budget is a disgrace, and a waste of the not-inconsiderable amount of money required to print and deliver it.  It should be rejected in its entirety, without wasting any more of America’s time.

Update: Paul Ryan with some thoughts on budgeting and fiscal discipline from Fox News Sunday yesterday: