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Planned Parenthood In the Big Apple


Time for the latest installment in the Live Action undercover video saga!  This time, our contestants in the Million Dollar Principle Drop come from New York City.

In case you missed the previous Live Action videos – which is quite possible, since there is a determined campaign by Planned Parenthood and its allies to keep them out of the mainstream media – the story goes like this: an undercover camera team goes into a Planned Parenthood clinic, disguised as a pimp and one of his prostitutes.  The pimp makes it clear he trafficks in sex with underage and immigrant girls, and is looking for hassle-free birth control, STD screening, and abortion.  The Planned Parenthood staff proves to be quite helpful, in this case offering to help the pimp’s underage hookers gain access to taxpayer-funded insurance programs.

Live Action founder Lila Rose has offered the video footage to New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, and asked him to open an investigation , as New Jersey Attorney General Paula Dow has already done.

Planned Parenthood’s first priority was a conference call with left-wing bloggers to coordinate a media strategy for savaging Live Action, but now that’s out of the way, they’ve announced an initiative to “retrain thousands of staff members across the country on its rules for reporting possible dangers to minors,” and “automatically fire anyone who violated them.”  Fortunately, there’s already an outside auditing firm ready to ensure they achieve 100% compliance with this initiative, and so far they haven’t charged Planned Parenthood a dime for their services.


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