RICOCHET: CPAC, GOProud, and a Booth

Unbelievably, all the news surrounding the largest conservative gathering in the country—the Conservative Political Action Conference—has focused on a gay conservative group that will be allowed to host a booth in the exhibit hall. To be clear, there are scores and scores of other organizations that will also sponsor a booth in the same location. It’s not like the organizers of CPAC renounced marriage while inviting Anderson Cooper to perform a live sex show with another dude in the main ballroom. Just two gay guys and a booth, people.  That’s it. The conference starts this Thursday, February 10. Our editor Jason Mattera tackles this “controversy,” and a lot more in this week’s episode of RICOCHET:

Update: Judging from the comments section, there is tons of misinformation regarding GOProud’s involvement in CPAC. They are not co-sponsors. There is no such thing as a CPAC co-sponsor. In reality, there are 90 participating organizations who have booths in the exhibit hall, GOProud being one of them. And while a handful of politicians and groups are boycotting CPAC over GOProud’s inclusion, it should also be noted that Rep. Michelle Bachmann, Phyllis Schlafly, Ann Coulter, Senator Mike Lee, and many other stalwart conservatives are speaking at the conference this year. No conservatives agree with every position of every group in the conservative movement, nor is there unanimity among the CPAC participants. Like we said above, don’t fret.