Three More Planned Parenthood Videos


Here we go again… three more videos from Live Action were released today, showing Planned Parenthood clinics willing to assist a “pimp” and his underage prostitutes with contraception and abortion services.

The story is the same as it was in the last two videos from Perth Amboy, New Jersey and Richmond, Virginia: a Live Action cameraman poses as a pimp, and clearly explains he wants help managing an illegal operation that includes girls 14 years old and younger, some of whom are illegal aliens.

The “pimp” gets no grief from the Planned Parenthood employees, who are enthusiastically willing to help him evade legal requirements.  A staffer in Falls Church tells the pimp he only needs a photo ID to obtain abortions for underage foreign girls.  In Charlottesville, a staffer assures him that “anybody here can help you out” and “everything here is confidential.”

Here’s the complete Roanoke video:

Here is the Falls Church video:

And here is Charlottesville:

YouTube had been threatening to pull down Live Action’s videos, ostensibly because the Planned Parenthood logo appears in them.  After receiving a testy letter from Live Action’s attorneys, YouTube decided to leave them up.  The videos released thus far are closing in on a quarter-million viewings.

Live Action president Lila Rose swatted down the flimsy cobweb of excuses spun by Planned Parenthood, saying “the only acceptable response to encountering a self-identified sex trafficker of underage girls is zero tolerance.  The only professional response is to immediately call law enforcement to the scene and push for an arrest.”  Telling the “pimp” to get lost, instead of spending half an hour describing all the services Planned Parenthood would be happy to provide him, would have been nice too.

Back in New Jersey, in the wake of the first Live Action video from Perth Amboy, Governor Chris Christie has vetoed an attempt to restore Planned Parenthood funding from his state.

Over at Red State, Erick Erickson has been following the saga of the missing Centers for Disease Control annual report on abortion, which the CDC suddenly decided not to publish for the first time in 40 years.  The prospects of publication have now been upgraded from “never” to “maybe later this month.”  The delay in publication was blamed on missing population data, a desire for pinpoint accuracy, and global warming.