The Ayatollah Touchdown Shuffle

The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is ecstatic about the unrest in Egypt.  According to Ynet News, Khamenei hears “the echoes of the Islamic Revolution” rolling through the streets of Cairo.  “It is an earthquake and defeat for the U.S. policy, and the Zionists are more concerned than anyone else,” he said while performing a furious robot dance in the end zone.

Actually, Khamenei was speaking at a Teheran mosque, where robot dancing is strongly frowned upon.  He crowed that America and Israel are “helpless and will not succeed in finding a remedy for the situation,” and proclaimed that “after years of struggle, the Iranian people see their voice is being heard loudly in other places in the Islamic world.”

The Ayatollah also boasted of Iran’s victory in the nuclear standoff with the West, saying “the entire world knows that despite the pressure they exerted, America, Europe and their allies have been unsuccessful in beating Iran in the nuclear issue.”

You know who really needs a good stiff democratic revolution?  Countries with a “Supreme Leader,” who delivers foreign policy addresses from a mosque.  Ali Khamenei has occupied the Supreme Leader seat since 1989, but thus far, there have been no Obama Administration demands for him to step down or begin any “orderly transitions of power” – not even when his thugs were murdering protesters in the street.

These are tough times for some dictators in the Middle East.  For others, it’s the Super Bowl.