Media Matters To the Rescue For Planned Parenthood


The guerilla cameramen at Live Action have now released five videos from different Planned Parenthood clinics, demonstrating a universal willingness to help a man they believed was a pimp obtain STD screening, contraception, and birth control for his underage and illegal-alien hookers.  Clearly, this is not an isolated case of one clinic manager going off the rails, but a systemic problem spreading across several states.

In response, Planned Parenthood has acted quickly to address Live Action’s discoveries, thanking the young pro-lifers for helping expose the detestable behavior of their clinic managers.  A massive nationwide review of clinic management has been arranged, and a stringent internal review of procedures at every one of their hundreds of clinics.  Top management has made it clear they have a responsibility to maintain the highest standards, since they deal in matters of life and death, while receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funding through subsidies and government contracts.

Just kidding!  What Planned Parenthood really did was set up a conference call with George Soros’ smear artists at Media Matters, to plan ways they can attack Live Action’s credibility and spin their way out of those devastating videos.

A report from Life News says the strategy outlined by Planned Parenthood to deal with the heat they’re taking is “essentially to ignore it and focus on rebuilding Planned Parenthood’s reputation as a provider of non-abortion services for women – even though its own figures shows abortion comprises a large total of its funding and abortions are essentially the only service offered to pregnant women.”  Never mind our role in the teenage sex-trafficking racket – we also screen for intestinal parasites!

The Soros operatives for Media Matters said they planned to go after Live Action’s funding, some of which comes from a group that gets money from a group that gets money from the evil Koch Brothers, who are billionaires like Soros, but should not be allowed to support causes they believe in because SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP HANG CLARENCE THOMAS AND HIS WIFE.

The whack jobs at have also pledged to defend Planned Parenthood, which is actually good news, because the PP staff really needs to learn how to tell pimps to move on.

So, don’t worry, America: your wives, daughters, and tax dollars are safe in the hands of an organization that responds to widespread violations of federal law, and common decency, by teaming up with far-Left zombies to attack the people who caught them in the act.  Now you can enjoy some peace of mind while rooting for your favorite team in the Super Bowl!