The Koch Protest


Charles and David Koch are the billionaire owners of the titanic Koch Industries.  They donate a great deal of money to promote libertarian and Tea Party causes.  They are therefore an object of intense, mindless hatred for people who are perfectly comfortable with sinister leftist billionaire George Soros and his efforts to control the American media.

These protests are not intellectual disagreements with the Koch brothers, but rather furious denunciations of their very right to engage in the democratic process.  For example, an L.A. Times article about a January 31 protest outside the Koch estate included this quote from a demonstrator: “We cannot have democracy unless everyone has a voice.  Donors like the Koch brothers are drowning us out.  Their voices are louder.”  Ah, the redistribution of free speech.  Of course it involves gags.

The L.A. Times describes this earlier protest as “orderly” and says it ended “after the arrest of 25 people for trespassing.”  So, basically, it was very orderly, except for all the trespassing.  A considerably less “orderly” event called “Uncloak Koch” was later held in Palm Springs, organized by liberal activist group Common Cause, which is funded by… wait for it… George Soros, among others.  The event included banners reading “QUARANTINE KOCH,” decorated with biohazard symbols, which just doesn’t seem very tolerant or inclusive to me.

Even less tolerant and inclusive were the remarkable statements issued by the charming attendees of this event, who had a few things to say about people other than Charles and David Koch.  They’re very unhappy with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, for example, because of his role in the Citizens United case, which upheld the rights of corporate free speech.

After some mood-setting whines about the “racist tea party,” various members of the lily-white Uncloak Koch crowd suggested Justice Thomas should be “put back in the fields,” or we should “cut of his toes one by one and feed them to him,” “string him up,” or “torture” him.  One of these lovely folk even suggested hanging Thomas’ wife along with him.

The fascinating thing about this video clip is how casual the lefty nitwits are about dishing out savage and violent racism toward Clarence Thomas.  They think it’s funny.  They don’t expect to be called on it, or worry about discrediting their movement.  They know the mainstream press has their backs, and they’re very comfortable chatting about their summary judgment to strip Thomas of his humanity. 

Leftists don’t see themselves as hypocrites when they denounce every corporation except Obama cronies, or demand the suppression of speech they disagree with, or happily burble racist taunts they would never accept from a designated class or ideological enemy.  Their enemies are entitled to no respect or tolerance, because they are un-people.  Affording them compassion or forbearance would be a betrayal of the great political Cause, which is the only true source of nobility.