Planned Parenthood Exposed In Virginia

One of the important lessons from Internet adventurer Andrew Breitbart’s epic takedown of ACORN was the importance of releasing information damaging to protected liberal interests in a steady, relentless stream.  That way, the media can’t dismiss the whole affair with one story buried on page B-36.

Live Action appears to have learned that lesson well.  On Tuesday, they rocked the world with an astonishing undercover video from a Planned Parenthood clinic in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, depicting a clinic manager’s enthusiastic willingness to help a “pimp” obtain birth control and abortions for his underage girls.  The media reaction was predictable.  The absurd Soros group Media Matters tried to laugh it off as a “hoax,” tearfully clinging to their monitors and hoping major media outlets would pick up their manufactured spin.  National Public Radio incorrectly asserted Live Action actually was Breitbart’s outfit, until they were shamed into changing their false headline.

A clearly terrified Planned Parenthood fired the Perth Amboy clinic manager from the first video, and started floating stories that she was an aberration, an isolated rogue employee.  Her brisk and cheerful attitude, coupled with her complete lack of surprise at the “pimp” and his shocking requests, made that a tough sell.  It’s an even tougher sell now, because Video Number 2 has been released, showing similar malfeasance at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Richmond, Virginia.

In the new video above, another Planned Parenthood staffer runs through essentially the same routine we saw in Perth Amboy.  She’s not as incredibly upbeat about it, and offers none of the “waist up!” business advice that made the first video such a hot branding iron of outrage… but once again, she’s happy to tell the pimp how to get his young hookers past laws and paperwork requirements. 

She is completely unfazed by the news that her customers are underage sex workers, or that some are illegal aliens.  She goes as far as boasting that her clinic used to treat “all the girls” at a local strip club.

Live Action president Lila Rose says her group is sharing their footage and transcripts with local authorities, and has asked Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to launch a statewide investigation of Planned Parenthood.  After considering the earlier video from Perth Amboy, New Jersey’s Attorney General has already begun such an investigation.

The Virginia video begins with a “Previously on…” recap of events in New Jersey, as if it were the latest episode in the world’s most infuriating reality-TV show.  The series still has a long way to go.

Note: In my post on Planned Parenthood yesterday, I mentioned they receive over $17 million per year in taxpayer subsidies.  Several people have pointed out that it would be more appropriate to add in their lucrative government contracts and grants, when judging how deeply their hands are buried in our wallets.  By that standard, the amount of taxpayer money they receive was $363 million from 2008 to 2009, the period covered in Planned Parenthood’s most recent annual report.