Another Gosnell House of Horrors?


Abortion ghoul Kermit Gosnell became infamous for the house of horrors he ran in Philadelphia, but it turns out he was also affiliated with clinics in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Wilmington, Delaware.  Steven Ertelt of Pro Life News reports that Attorney General Beau Biden of Delaware has launched a “wide-ranging investigation” of Gosnell’s activities in his state.  In other words, it’s time to start cracking open some basements in Wilmington.

If the name of the Attorney General of Delaware sounds familiar, he is indeed the son of Vice President Joe Biden.  Michelle Malkin’s indispensable Culture of Corruption details the intimate relationships between Delaware business, politics, and the Biden family.  Hopefully Beau Biden’s skills as Attorney General will prove equal to the grim task that may lie ahead.

Biden’s announcement comes at the same time local and national pro-life groups are calling for a probe into several Delaware abortion clinics, including the one that employed Gosnell.  One of the allegations is that Gosnell collected payment for an illegally late-term abortion in Delaware, began the procedure with drugs, and took the mother to Philadelphia to finish the procedure. 

Pro-life groups want scrutiny directed at abortion clinics across the nation.  The Gosnell case has demonstrated that oversight of these clinics is appallingly lax.  Pennsylvania authorities ignored numerous complaints about Gosnell, while his clinic in Philadelphia went uninspected for over a decade.  The National Abortion Federation had a peek at the clinic, recoiled in disgust, and then wandered off without taking further action.  The Philadelphia grand jury cited poor oversight as one of the reasons Gosnell was able to put scissors in spines for so long.

Operation Rescue president Troy Newman says “there is a health care crisis in this country that must be immediately addressed, to bring an end to the epidemic of abortion abuses inflicted on women and their babies.”  It remains to be seen how widespread these abuses might be, but it’s time for the abortion industry – in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and every other state – to start answering some hard questions. 

It’s interesting that this controversial industry is one of the few that our hyperactive government is not eager to regulate and micro-manage.  Light bulbs and fast-food menus are receiving more intense oversight than abortion clinics.  We may hope that the majority of clinics measure up to far higher standards than Kermit Gosnell’s torture-porn movie set.  We may also wonder how many do not.