King's Hearings On Muslim Radicalization: Useless

What has happened to Peter King? The New York congressman’s much-anticipated and controversial hearings on “radicalization” within the American Muslim community are shaping up to be useless, or worse. King said Tuesday, according to Politico, that “he’s not planning to call as witnesses such Muslim community critics as the Investigative Project on Terrorism’s Steve Emerson and Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer.” Instead, King plans to call people with “the real life experience of coming from the Muslim community,” including, of all people, Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN).

In “King Abdicates” in The American Thinker Thursday, Pamela Geller pointed out that Emerson “knows who all the players are and what groups and cells they are affiliated with,” and that “for King to acquiesce in his marginalization is almost criminal.” Ellison, conversely, Geller noted, is “infamous for his pro-Hamas rallies and his pilgrimage to the Hajj in Saudi Arabia, paid for by the Muslim Brotherhood.”

A peerless and pioneering anti-terror researcher versus a Muslim Congressman who accepted a financial gift from an organization dedicated, according to a captured Muslim Brotherhood internal document, to “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within.”

Again: what has happened to Peter King?

These hearings are shaping up to be a waste, and worse than a waste. King is apparently rattled by the full-court press of Islamic victimhood rhetoric from Islamic supremacist spokesmen and pressure groups, and is allowing them to set his agenda. By excluding Emerson, he is acquiescing in their Alinskyite marginalization of him and other antijihadists who have nothing to apologize for or be embarrassed about in their work to expose and resist the advance of the global jihad and Islamic supremacism, but who are targeted in ongoing Islamic supremacist defamation campaigns designed to discredit and sideline them (including myself).

This represents a huge turnabout for King. Last October, he charged that “people who are in mainstream Islam, leaders of mosques, leaders of Muslim organizations…do not come forward and denounce, officially denounce, officially cooperate with the police against those extremists and terrorists.” Again in December, he said: “When I meet with law enforcement, they are constantly telling me how little cooperation they get from Muslim leaders.”

Now King, belying his earlier statements about the non-cooperation of Muslim authorities in the U.S., says that in his hearings he is going to go to those very authorities: “The idea was to make the hearings have an impact,” he tells us. “With all due respect, whether it is Steve Emerson, or me, or [Daniel] Pipes, or [Frank] Gaffney, people have heard from us before — we are outsiders talking about the community. If I can get people from within the Muslim community to talk about the extent of radicalization, that is a lot more effective.”

King in December said he was willing to be defamed as a “bigot” if that’s what it took to expose jihadist sentiments and activity in the Muslim community in the U.S. Ellison apparently took him up on that, calling him a bigot and saying: “I’m willing to engage with Congressman King and say, ‘Look, you want to talk about these things, let’s do it responsibly.’ Let’s investigate this thing in the right way, let’s talk about how we’re gonna make America safer and enlist Muslim Americans to help safeguard our country and look at anybody that might get radicalized.”

So the Muslim Brotherhood’s favorite congressman is going to help Peter King understand the causes of the radicalization of American Muslims. Is he aware of Ellison’s Muslim American Society-funded hajj, and of the Muslim American Society’s connections to the Muslim Brotherhood? If King is unaware of all this, and of the smear campaign of Brotherhood groups in America against people like Emerson — a campaign he is now abetting — he is dangerously clueless. If he is aware of it, but is bowing to the public pressure the Islamic hate machine has brought upon him because of his hearings, he is not only clueless but cowardly as well.

Either way, his hearings are shaping up to accomplish nothing positive.


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