Top 10 Things To Worry About

These are unsettling times that we live in. Not to be a downer, but here are the Top 10 Things to Worry About:

1. Out-of-control deficits: With trillion-dollar budget deficits projected for years and the national debt hitting $14 trillion, this mountain of red ink will come crashing down at some point. Add ballooning entitlements to the mix and the country’s financial status is a recipe for disaster. Watch the wreckage as cash-strapped state governments start going bankrupt and project the resulting chaos to the national level.

2. Terrorism: Whether it is homegrown terrorists or al Qaeda plotting overseas, the threat of jihadist attacks against America remains high. The fact that we haven’t had a major terror attack since 9/11—thanks in large part to alert citizens and inept bombers—should not lull us into complacency. The Obama Administration’s refusal to acknowledge that radical Islam is the enemy puts the nation at risk.

3. Healthcare system at risk: Healthcare costs are rising, doctors are fleeing and Obamacare is certain to make matters worse. And if you think things are bad now, Medicare will soon be under severe strains as Baby Boomers are just starting to become eligible for benefits. With 30 million people being added to the existing healthcare system under Obamacare, good luck getting an appointment with a doctor.

4. Stubborn unemployment: Where are the jobs? The unemployment rate has been above 9% since April 2009 and it is likely to remain high for years. And the rate is closer to 17% when taking into account those who have stopped looking for work or are forced to work only part-time. Matters likely could get worse as state and local governments are starting to shed jobs that were sheltered by federal stimulus money and businesses show no sign of adding to their payrolls with so much economic uncertainty.

5. Inflation: The Fed can’t keep printing money without eventually eroding the value of the dollar. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s quantitative easing will only add to the inflationary pressure. To those who say inflation is not a worry, have you been to the grocery store or gas pump lately?

6. Rogue nations: The madmen in charge in North Korea and Iran are intent on flexing their nuclear muscles and America remains their enemy. Obama’s campaign pledge to talk to the ruling despots hasn’t panned out and it seems to only be a matter of time before one of these powder kegs erupts.

7. China: China owns our debt and is pouring money into its military. China’s President Hu says the dollar-dominated currency system is a “product of the past.” America was the world’s sole superpower for some 20 years, but will be tested by China’s economic and military might.

8. Crime: Crime is a persistent problem in America with high rates of violence in many of the nation’s cities. With murder and mayhem increasing to epidemic levels just across the border in Mexico, is it only a matter of time before the cartel’s drug wars spill over to the U.S.?

9. Housing market: Is your house underwater? A good many Americans are in that situation and are unlikely to see it get better any time soon. The housing market was so high when it crashed that prices are unlikely to ever recover.

10. Obama Administration: With the Democrats losing the House, liberals will not be able to push their agenda through Congress. But the Obama Administration can enact measures via administrative fiat. Just look at how the Environmental Protection Agency is starting to regulate greenhouse gases after cap-and-trade failed legislatively as an example of the administration circumventing the will of the people.