Sex Change Operations, Green Jobs, And The Price Of Wine In China

At long last, can we have a real debate now about ObamaCare?  The law passed the House of Representatives in 2009 with the barest of margins.  This week, the House  acted decisively (245-189)  to repeal it, but Harry Reid has vowed to stop any debate in the Senate. 

What are you afraid of, Harry?  When will we hear a real debate in the “world’s greatest deliberative body”?  You rushed this 3.000 page monster through the Senate on Christmas Eve night 2009 without any Senator having read it, trailing the stench of bribes with colorful names like the “Louisiana Purchase” and the “Cornhusker Kickback”, and promising we’d all learn to love it when we did read it.  Well we’ve read it and we want it repealed.

Today, many Americans face health insurance premium increases when Obama promised cheaper premiums.  American seniors are appalled to hear that Obamacare will reduce the federal budget deficit by reducing Medicare by $500 Billion over ten years.  And recently announced economic incentives really will make “end of life counseling” a “death panel”.

Obama’s magic formula extending medical care to 30 million Americans, increasing the quality of care for all, reducing the deficit, and never interfering with your choice of doctor depends on these spending cuts and health care rationing and on dozens of new taxes.

What’s to like so far in Obamacare?  Well, you can keep your kids on your insurance plan until they are 26, a pre-existing condition can no longer bar coverage of a child, and “preventative” care will be required starting this year from all private insurers and Medicare.

These “benefits” are ridiculous when compared to the costs  people are already seeing.  Insurance premiums are going up so fast that dozens of desperate American companies like McDonalds are begging for and getting waivers from Obamacare requirements.  The “preventative” care provision authorizes doctors to order even more tests for any hypothetical malady, raising premiums and government costs accordingly.  There ain’t no free lunch no matter how many times Obama promises there is.

The irony is that insurance coverage is available now (for a price) for dependents of any age and for pre-existing conditions as well.  An estimated 1% of non-senior Americans have been denied health insurance coverage because of a pre-existing condition.  For 1% we should give the federal government control of nearly 20% of the economy?

What’s worse is the potential future requirements under Obamacare. 

For a glimpse of that future, consider the City Council of Berkeley, California which wants to fund with taxpayer money sex change operations as a required part of the health care insurance coverage for all city employees.  The political pressure to require insurance coverage for the flavor of the month “civil right” opens the door to—what?  witch doctors? stress reducing sex therapy?  assisted suicide? Yes, of course, all of that and anything else with a political constituency including abortion on demand up to and including the moment of birth. 

What’s to stop the loony Left from requiring inclusion of anything that anyone calls “health care”?

Yes this trend will bankrupt government (the City of Vallejo, Ca recently declared bankruptcy), but the Left has a Plan B to avoid that.  “Green” jobs will bring prosperity back and with it a torrent of tax money which will fund it all.

How do I know?  The state of California issued a report this week extolling the creation of 5000 new green jobs in California in 2010.  The L.A. Times editorial writers, the Sierra Club, and every professor in the state were ecstatic.  The fact that it will take 400 years at this rate of job creation to put back to work 2 million currently unemployed Californians doesn’t deter the faith of the Left in the magic bullet of “alternative” energy.  After all, look what the “alternative” lifestyles of the 60s and 70s did to improve society! Duh!

What Californians will not tolerate is an oppressive, greedy corporation trying to foist cheaper products and cheaper food on an unsuspecting public.  San Diego is the latest city government in California to ban the WalMart super store.  Nosiree, we simply will not put up with this greedy monster.  Paying more for food and nearly everything else is a minor inconvenience when compared to being exploited like that.

The Left even has a Plan C to stave off the consequences of the orgy of government spending.  Sell more wine.

In recent years, a glut of delicious California wines have piled up in the wineries and in warehouses.  Prices have fallen even on the super premium varietals, causing tax receipts to fall too.

Enter Hong Kong.  The former British colony, now part of China, has retained it’s capitalist culture, and is one of the most prosperous places on earth.  Recent wine auctions in Hong Kong have demonstrated that wealthy Chinese will do what formerly wealthy Californians once did—pay outrageous prices for wine.

Last year, at a wine auction in Hong Kong, three bottles of 1869 Chateau Lafitte Rothschild sold for $232,692.00–each.  More recently, another wine auction, held at Hong Kong’s swank Mandarin Oriental Hotel fetched record prices.  A case of 1982 Chateau Lafitte Rothschild sold for $6,000. per bottle.

Wine from California is also selling well, especially since the Hong Kong government abolished all taxes on imported wine.  This action mystifies Californians used to corporations paying their “fair share” of taxes (an ever increasing amount) until they leave the state.

In fact, California has been so successful at driving nasty, polluting, greedy companies away, that even the “green” companies won’t stay.  Most of the solar panels and wind turbines installed in California are made in China.

But don’t heed the naysayers reveling in California’s decline.  We will fund universal sex change operations, full scholarships for illegals, and a proper governor’s mansion for Jerry Brown (one-level, no stairs) even if Plan A, B, and C fall through. 

The number one cash agricultural crop in California is weed.  The Mexican cartels are moving into the protected forest lands planting vast new marijuana plantations, providing jobs for illegals and a product that helps you forget you don’t have one.  So there.