Are We In Bill Clinton's Third Term?

Jacob Lew was tapped by Barack Obama last July to lead the Office of Management & Budget. Most recently, William Daley accepted a request to serve as President Obama’s chief of staff.

Both Lew and Daley also had prominent positions within the Clinton administration, which has Newt Gingrich quipping that we’re now experiencing the third term of Bill Clinton’s White House.

“It must be fascinating to be one of those left-wing activist groups, which spent so much time and energy beating Hillary Clinton because they didn’t want to see this kind of administration to now watch a member of the famous Daley machine in Chicago emerge. You’re replacing Rahm Emanuel of Chicago with Bill Daley of Chicago so that Rahm Emanuel can now replace Bill Daley’s brother as mayor of Chicago as Daly replaces Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff.”

“It’s almost a Chicago-machine musical game, and all of it represents an increase in power for Bill Clinton,” said Gingrich. 

While Bill Daley has been hailed as a moderate liberal who is friendly to business, Newt suspects that the Obama administration is trying to use “the language of the center-right, while in fact fighting for the policies of the left.”

“The same three people are in charge of the Democratic Party who were in charge before the disaster of 2010,” he added.

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