Palin 1, Oprah 0

Sarah Palin defeated Oprah Winfrey in the ratings battle when they faced off in prime time to kick off the week on Monday. As expected, both female media phenomenons attracted plenty of eyeballs.

According to Nielsen, Palin, appearing on Fox News’ “Hannity” won the battle, got 2.365 million viewers. Oprah, appearing on the debut of “Piers Morgan Tonight” helped Morgan draw an impressive 2.1 million viewers.

In the much important 25-54 year-old demographic, Palin drew 600,000 viewers to Oprah’s 531,000. 

Had Palin not been on Hannity, “Piers Morgan Tonight” may have surpassed “Hannity” on Monday, which would have been quite a feat for CNN’s prime time programming, which has been languishing.

On Tuesday, Morgan drew significantly less viewers, according to Nielsen. Morgan drew 1.27 million viewers as opposed to Hannity’s 2.18 million viewers.

Yet, in the important 25-54 year-old category, Morgan bested Hannity this time, unlike the night before. Among this age demographic, Morgan drew 551,000 viewers as opposed to 506,000 for Hannity.

Fox News may face the same problem in the decade ahead that the GOP will face with young viewers. How Fox News’ undisputed programming guru and creative genius Roger Ailes deals with this will be interesting to keep an eye on.

On Monday, Palin answered many questions that her critics, supporters, and those who many not have a strong opinion of her wanted to hear after the mainstream media attempted to falsely implicate her in the attempted assassination attempt of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz).

Regarding the allegations thrown out by liberals and the mainstream media regarding the supposed “culture of hate,” Palin conceded that “we should be respectful, we should be civil” then added that “we should not use an event like that in Arizona to stifle debate, and that time-honored and cherished tradition that we have in America — being able to respectfully petition our government and protest  peacefully and respectfully in order to effect the change that we would  like to see in our government.”

On the effort by the left to shamelessly use this tragedy to silence voices of dissent on the right, Palin told Hannity, “they’re not going to shut me up. They’re not going to shut you up or Rush or Mark Levin or Tea Party Patriots or those who, as I say, respectfully and patriotically petition
their government for change.”

“They can’t make us sit down and shut up.” Palin added. “And if they ever were to succeed in doing that, then our republic will be destroyed.”

Regarding the “blood libel” reference the mainstream media turned into a full-blown controversy, Palin remarked that “those who understood what it is that I meant, that a group of people being falsely accused of having blood on their hands, that is  what blood libel means. And just two days before I released my  statement, an op-ed in the “Wall Street Journal” had that term in its title and that term has been used for eons, Sean.”

On “Piers Morgan Tonight,” Oprah was, well, Oprah. She talked about everything from her heart being broken to love to personally signing checks that she issues that are over $100,000. At times, it seemed as if Oprah was interviewing Oprah.

One thing was clear, though, from Monday. Oprah will continue being Oprah. Palin will continue being Palin. And both will continue to captivate Americans.