Top 10 Liberal Power Centers

Before we get too far into the new year, let’s take a look at where the power centers are in the liberal universe.

(1) Black voters: By virtue of their consistently giving more than 90% of their vote to Democrats, blacks remain liberals’ most-cherished interest group. But it is an uneasy alliance as black leaders say that even under an all-Democratic government, their concerns were not being met and they feel taken for granted. Liberals, on the other hand, continue to placate the self-appointed leaders of this reliable voting bloc by staying locked in grievance politics and a spread-the-wealth-around mentality.
(2) Big Labor: Big Labor dumped hundreds of millions of dollars into the 2010 midterm elections for Democratic candidates and supplied on-the-ground troops by the thousands. But as the news is becoming filled with reports of opulent union-negotiated pensions and health-care benefits, public opinion is turning against Labor, especially the public-sector unions which now comprise more than half of labor’s rank-and-file workers. And Labor has a new worry: With the Republican midterm wave, there will be a push, especially in the states, to roll back government worker’s benefits and pensions.

(3) Washington’s liberal elites: From the Georgetown cocktail circuit to the Fund for American Progress, from the Washington Post newsroom to the Democratic political establishment, there exists within the nation’s capital a liberal group-think: a mindset that the Left knows best how to order society. With their positions in think tanks, congressional staffs and the media, these liberals have an undue influence on setting policies affecting an America increasingly hostile to their agenda.
(4) Hollywood: The entertainment industry’s top stars like to believe their acting skills make them policy experts and they invariably weigh in on the left-side of an argument. While their insufferable comments are laughable, their fame and fortune helps to advance the progressive cause.

(5) Liberal netroots: Websites like Huffington Post and the DailyKos put out a daily dose of liberal orthodoxy that gives marching orders to the progressive faithful. While the Left took an early advantage in using the Internet for political gains, the Right has caught up with its emerging cabal of conservative bloggers and websites.
(6) Academia: Most professors in the nation’s universities are politically left and many are hard-core revolutionaries who seek to indoctrinate impressionable minds. Thank goodness for groups like Young America’s Foundation and the Intercollegiate Studies Institute for establishing a conservative beachhead on college campuses.

(7) Gay activists: Like black leaders, gay activists are frustrated over a lack of progress on their agenda after helping Democrats gain power. But they have no place to go unless they decide to put other issues, like low taxes and small government, ahead of their sexual agenda.

(8) Environmental groups: Environmental groups are on the defensive since Climategate and because the centerpiece of their legislative wish-list — cap and trade — is dead. But with help from Hollywood (see No. 4.), their agenda remains a key plank of the progressive movement.

(9) Hispanics: Unfortunately for the Left, Hispanics are not as reliably Democratic as it would like. But with their emerging demographic clout, Hispanic groups will be able to pressure Democrats to make amnesty for illegal immigrants a high priority.

(10) Community activists: Using Saul Alinsky tactics, groups like ACORN, La Raza and the SEIU can provide troops to make a scene at any protest. Some of these activists have no compulsion against stealing votes or thuggish behavior.