Steele Lays Out His Vision For Reelection

Michael Steele has been under fire for the direction he’s taken the RNC in the last two years. Much of these criticisms he considers unwarranted and untrue, going toe-to-toe with his opponents in a HUMAN EVENTS exclusive.

Such back-and-forth is great fodder for a bull session, but falls short of explaining how Chairman Steele will lead if given the opportunity of another two years.

In the second part of our interview with the GOP’s top spokesman, Steele said he will continue to build up state parties while divesting power from the Republican National Committee itself.

“I want to see our state parties in power. I don’t want to see this institution of the RNC sitting here on Capitol Hill as the center of the political universe.  The center of the political universe, in the United States of America, for the GOP, is every state Republican Party.  I’d rather have 50 strong, independent, financially secured state parties, than one behemoth, top down bureaucratic RNC.”

Steele also spoke about generating “better relationships with donors on the ground” and the need to attract the next generation of young conservatives.

“I’ve been inviting young Republicans to run for leadership posts in the party, and to be a part of creating and building this party from the bottom up.  We are no longer the Grand Old Party.  We are now the Great Opportunity Party.”

Steele was joined on the stage yesterday at the National Press Club with four other people who are eyeing his job for RNC chairman.