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AUDIO: December is no sanctuary from the silliness of Liberalism.


The Most Liberal Time Of The Year!

AUDIO: December is no sanctuary from the silliness of Liberalism.

As we continue to celebrate during this week between Christmas and New Years Eve, FRX wants to remind you that Liberalism is still all around us.  December is no sanctuary from silliness, and as we move towards 2011, we must all be prepared for battle.  FRX pledges to keep the jokes coming in the New Year, with no subject too politically correct or taboo.  We also ask that you join our Facebook fan page below, so that you’re on top of all of our cutting edge commentary concerning The Big Floppy-eared Lanky Lankinski that resides inside the White House.  Let us also say that the beta-male, mush-mouthed Republicans will not be off limits next year either.  The Fox and Rice Experience will go after any of the sucky hacks who try and run for President but should really be at home eating squirrels.  You’re on notice.  So now, as you ponder the meaning of your own existence, click the player below and enjoy another wonderful winter song:

The Fox And Rice Experience: The Most Liberal time Of The Year by HumanEvents

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The Fox and Rice Experience is for entertainment purposes only, even though it's not all that amusing. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely intentional. If offended, seek treatment for Humorless Liberal Syndrome. Side effects of HLS may include headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abnormal vision and in some cases, death. To avoid long term injuries, seek immediate medical help if you experience Liberalism lasting longer than 4 hours. Ask your doctor if FRX is right for you. Follow them on Facebook here.

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