X-MAS SONG: Mele Kaliki Bama

With “The Ruining of America” over for 2010, President Barry has arrived in Hawaii to get “lei’d!”  On second thought, that’s the one thing that The cigarette-smoking Bama won’t be getting (try not to picture it, but if you must, put a plastic bag over your head and take a deep breath).  We’re hearing however, that former President Bill Clinton may stop by Kailua Bay over the holiday for a round of golf, and a game of pin the tail on the naked hula-dancer.  Plus, now that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has been repealed, we should expect pictures of a glistening Commander In-Beef playing a little b-ball with his favorite members of the military!  And then, after a trip to Kinkos to run off copies of his birth certificate, Bama plans to kick up his feet with a pina colada and enjoy his favorite Christmas song.  You can join him by clicking the player below!

The Fox And Rice Experience: Mele Kalikibama by HumanEvents