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Time to kick up your feet with a pina colada and enjoy Obama's favorite Christmas song.


X-MAS SONG: Mele Kaliki Bama

Time to kick up your feet with a pina colada and enjoy Obama’s favorite Christmas song.

With “The Ruining of America” over for 2010, President Barry has arrived in Hawaii to get “lei’d!”  On second thought, that’s the one thing that The cigarette-smoking Bama won’t be getting (try not to picture it, but if you must, put a plastic bag over your head and take a deep breath).  We’re hearing however, that former President Bill Clinton may stop by Kailua Bay over the holiday for a round of golf, and a game of pin the tail on the naked hula-dancer.  Plus, now that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has been repealed, we should expect pictures of a glistening Commander In-Beef playing a little b-ball with his favorite members of the military!  And then, after a trip to Kinkos to run off copies of his birth certificate, Bama plans to kick up his feet with a pina colada and enjoy his favorite Christmas song.  You can join him by clicking the player below!

The Fox And Rice Experience: Mele Kalikibama by HumanEvents

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