Israel on U.N.'s 2011 Hit List

U.N.  Secretary General Ban Ki-moon announced Friday that one of the United Nations’ top goals in 2011 will be bettering living conditions in the Gaza Strip and forcing Israel to end all “settlement” construction in Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem.
You couldn’t make it up. Pressuring Israel is the U.N.’s top goal for 2011. Not the imminent threat of war on the Korean Peninsula or the North Korean nuclear threat. Not the Iranian nuclear threat. Not the very dangerous situation with the ongoing jihad in Pakistan. Not the huge new wave of refugees and illegal immigrants into Europe, Israel and the United States. Not the insoluble situation in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Nor did Ban say anything about the referendum for Southern Sudan independence, which is needed to stop the jihadi genocide that continues there. And he was likewise silent about the banking crisis in the Western world and the financial collapse of some European Union countries.
No, none of that matters. The United Nations has to spend its time improving living conditions in Gaza.
What a joke. There is no real “humanitarian crisis” in Gaza. Always the Jewish people are clubbed like baby seals with Islamic lies about how Israel is starving the Muslims in Gaza. (There is no such thing as a “Palestinian.” There never has been an independent Palestinian state or recognized Palestinian nationality in the history of the world; Arafat and Co. invented it in the 1960s for propaganda purposes.)
The Jewish blockade starves the poor poor Muslims, so that they have nothing to live on except the billions upon billions of jiyza paid by American taxpayers and European Union dhimmis. Want to know how much dough they have left after they purchase their missiles, arms and bombs? Photo after photo has come out of Gaza showing stores overwhelmingly overflowing with food, toys, candy, anything you could want. They recently opened a big luxury mall there.
The abundance of food and other goods in Gaza is mind blowing. Perhaps that’s why last summer Hamas began refusing all humanitarian shipments — they had nowhere to put it all. The population was stuffed.
Hamas calls all this “Israeli propaganda,” but actually it’s the result of Palestinian propaganda. Don’t believe your eyes, believe Islamic lies. The “Palestinians” first invented their nationality itself and now they’re conning the world into thinking they’re starving when obesity rates are soaring there.
This is a propaganda war — and the information battle space is the front, and big media is aligned with the jihad force. Always, the media repeats the relentless meme of the poor starving “Palestinians.” The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) creates the narrative and the media supplies the libelous judeophobic hyperbole.
And so the “humanitarian aid” keeps pouring in. Terror statelet Gaza is the biggest fund-raiser in the world. Yet there are no starving Muslims in Gaza, but there are plenty in Darfur, as a result of the relentless jihad against the Darfur in Sudan.
Still, Ban Ki-Moon and the U.N. are going after Israel, not Sudan.
And the settlements? They are Jews building houses on Jewish land. Period. The Israelis are under siege daily. Anyone who understands Islamic anti-Semitism  and the religious motive behind the genocidal jihad against the Jews, and the true history of the Middle East, will urge Israel to build more homes in Judea and Samaria and to create defensible borders.
The great Dutch freedom fighter Geert Wilders said it best in a speech in Tel Aviv two weeks ago: “People are mistaken when they assume that giving up Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem and letting the Palestinians have it, will end the conflict between Israel and the Arabs. In 2005, Israel sacrificed the settlements in Gaza for the sake of peace. Did it get peace? On the contrary, because the conflict is essentially ideological, the situation worsened. Because the conflict is ideological, territorial concessions are counterproductive. Ideologies cannot be defeated by concessions. They are encouraged and emboldened”by them.
And now Ban Ki-Moon is set to encourage and embolden the genocidal jihadists in 2011, and help them reach their goal of destroying Israel. Fires are raging all over the globe, and instead of trying to put them out he is bullying the Middle East’s only democracy and America’s staunchest ally.
The United Nations is truly proving to be a collective negation of humanity.