Bombings in Rome

Package bombs have been detonated at the Swiss and Chilean embassies in Rome today.  The explosions occurred within hours of each other.  The first bomb went off at the Swiss embassy around noon local time, sending the staffer who opened the parcel to the hospital with hand injuries.  The second bombing hit the Chilean embassy shortly after 3:00 PM, and injured two staffers.

Less than half an hour later, just moments before this post was written, Fox News reported the discovery of a “suspicious package” at the Ukranian embassy.

A fake bomb was discovered on a subway in Rome earlier this week, but it has not been determined if this was linked to today’s attacks.  According to the Associated Press, Italian authorities have announced no claims of responsibility, but stated this was not the work of “anarchists or protesters.”  There have been occasionally violent protests against the government in Rome over the past week.  However, the mayor of Rome stated the attacks appeared to be “international” in nature.  Intelligence agencies around the world have been warning of a “holiday offensive” by Islamic terrorists, ranging from suicide bombings like the recent botched attack in Sweden, to Mumbai-style killing sprees or attempts to poison the U.S. food supply.

Canada’s Globe and Mail reports the Italian foreign minister, Franco Frattini, reacted to the Swiss embassy attack by calling it a “deplorable act of violence” and offered Italy’s support to the embassy staff and injured man.  


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