A Bunch Of Hooey From Michael Moore


Liberals spent the Golden Age of Sexual Harassment lecturing us that women never lie about such things, the seriousness of the charge demands it be taken seriously, and so forth.  The beginning of the Lewinsky affair made it clear this perspective depends entirely on the politics of the accused.  Anita Hill achieved sainthood by making wild charges against Clarence Thomas, but all of Bill Clinton’s accusers were deranged, lying sluts who emerged from mobile homes in a shower of empty beer cans to begin their new careers as character assassins on the Republican payroll.

The latest demonstration of sexual assault politics comes from cinema propagandist Michael Moore, who is a big fan of accused rapist and WikiLeaks saboteur Julian Assange.  In an interview with Keith Olbermann of MSNBC, after posting bail for his hacker hero, Moore dismissed the charges against Assange as “a bunch of hooey” about “a broken condom.” 

Explaining his decision to post bail for Assange on his website, Moore encouraged his slow-witted fans to “never, ever believe the ‘official story.’”  (He also makes a grimly hilarious assertion that WikiLeaks would have allowed “2 million Vietnamese to be alive today” by exposing the Gulf of Tonkin incident as a lie.  That gigantic pile of dead bodies in Cambodia?  Just ignore it, folks.  It was a small price to pay for the workers’ paradise, which Moore labors tirelessly to bring to these shores.)

Moore’s callous dismissal of the Assange accusers recalls the contortions of the Hollywood Left to excuse Roman Polanski, who actually admitted his guilt, obliging his defenders to re-define either the nature or severity of his actions.  This led Whoopi Goldberg to give us the famous “rape-rape” concept, as distinguished from the kinda-sorta no-harm-no-foul plain vanilla “rape.”  Rape-rape is apparently a crime liberal icons cannot be guilty of.

Feminist blogger Sady Doyle went nuclear after Moore’s appearance on the Olbermann show, and created a Twitter hashtag, #MooreandMe, to batter him into submission.  He eventually returned to MSNBC, the only network that could possibly take him seriously, to declare that “every woman who claims to have been sexually assaulted or raped has to be, must be, taken seriously.  These charges have to be investigated to the fullest extent possible.”

Congratulations are due to Doyle for twisting this loathsome man’s arm behind his back, but that doesn’t change what he said in the first place, or why he said it.  The details of the allegations against Assange are widely spread across the Internet, where Michael Moore spends a great deal of his time.  He deliberately discarded those details, and spoke of hooey and condoms, because the truth would interfere with his rapturous adoration of the WikiLeaks messiah.  He only recanted because a prominent and energetic liberal forced him to.  He never would have listened to such criticism from a class or political enemy, and if Assange had assaulted a couple of Young Republicans, he wouldn’t have listened to Doyle either. 

Perhaps she will spare a moment to reflect how many of her “progressive” friends are no different than Michael Moore, who is a living caricature of a fundamental, and very ugly, truth.  Totalitarians demand a monopoly on the distribution of guilt, and truth.  Anyone who claims you should “never, ever believe the official story” is demanding a level of faith thinking people never invest in any individual, especially a proven liar like Moore.  You’ll notice the biggest liars are the ones who demand that level of faith most stridently.