The American Dream

The Senate rightly rejected the NIGHTMARE Act. Maybe the midterm elections have teeth.

Known as the DREAM Act, this nightmare legislation was yet another dishonest left-wing anti-American immigration bill that would have provided a roadmap for citizenship for children of illegal immigrants, and then some.

The reality of the NIGHTMARE Act is that had it passed it would have opened the flood gates for even more unidentified Mexican and OTM invaders to illegally cross our border.

There are two fundamental realities with illegal immigration.

The first reality is that there are 20 million or more illegal aliens in America right now, the vast majority of whom don’t commit crimes and are decent hard-working folks. Their tremendous work ethic and strong family values are commendable, if only they brought them here legally.

The second reality is that ordinary Americans know we shouldn’t reward illegal behavior unless we want more of it. Only criminals and bloodsuckers reward bad behavior.

The political reality is that both sides of the aisle benefit from illegal immigration.

I say damn the political torpedoes. America should launch the “Please Go Home” initiative for those 20 million or more illegals in America as soon as possible.

The “Please Go Home” initiative isn’t jingoistic or racist as the real vicious racists will proclaim. It is fundamental, logical immigration common sense.

The GOP will disagree with my proposed initiative because they believe that, to win future elections, they need to attract Mexican-Americans to the GOP. The GOP undoubtedly believes my initiative will further alienate Mexican-Americans. The Democrats will despise the initiative because they benefit politically from these folks.

It’s got to suck to be bought and paid for.

Political parties aside, ordinary Americans will agree with my initiative, even though they know it is tough medicine for both illegals and Americans.

If the vast number of illegal Mexicans in America pack their bags and head back home, there will surely be an economic impact. Prices for food and other services will probably go up. In an already tough economy, that will be a hard pill to swallow. We need to take our medicine anyway.

Some illegals in America want it both ways. They want all the benefits of America but want to maintain their personal and cultural ties to Mexico. That irritates ordinary Americans as much as the Department of Injustice suing the state of Arizona for securing the border.

Like all other law-abiding Americans, I fully support legal immigration. If a Mexican wants to immigrate to American, he or she should go through the immigration process like any other foreigner. Hopping the fence or wading the Rio Grande River isn’t part of America’s immigration process.

Just as Mexico vigorously defends its southern border with Guatemala and has stringent immigration policies and enforcement practices, America should follow Mexico’s lead and protect our southern border and stringently enforce our immigration laws. How about it, Department of Homeland Security?
Hey, Janet Napolitano, comprende?

America has immigration laws that both Mexicans and Americans should respect. The real reality is that the goal of those who advocate illegal immigration is to dismantle our immigration laws.Wrong move.

The NIGHTMARE Act was another attempt to legitimize illegal immigration.  Fortunately, a wiser-than-usual Senate rejected it.

If America is a nation of laws as we proclaim, then our immigration laws are part of the package. Remind Fedzilla at every opportunity that rewarding illegal behavior only attracts more of it.