X-MAS CLASSIC: Carol of the Barneys

Christmas just isn’t Christmas until you’re completely trashed on Eggnog, wearing candy cane booty pajamas, and playing Secret Santa with Congressman Barney Frank!  So, now that you know what Fox and Rice are doing this weekend, let’s stop and give “no, thanks” to that stuttering, sweaty, Christmas ham from Massachusetts!  Break out the Yule log, because this Barney is no Cocktail Frank!  While Barney tries to slide down another chimney, let’s stop and make a toast to the fact that he will no longer be Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee in 2011.  Now party on and goose your neighbor, because it’s time to click the player below to have a Happy Barney Holiday!

The Fox And Rice Experience: CAROL OF THE BARNEYS by HumanEvents