X-MAS SONG: He One King...Named Larry

Tonight, CNN’s “Larry King Live” ends.  Not with a bang, but with Larry mumbling something incoherent.  There shall be no more inane questions to laugh at, no more senility, and no more wind-breaking.  It is indeed The Final Ride of the Suspenders.  So, as King Larry prepares to sign off for the last time, FRX has decided to honor the old coot with a Christmas Carol (Even though this Jew probably doesn’t celebrate Christmas). And just so everyone knows, half of Fox and Rice is Jewish as well. Say what you want about the CNN Cryptkeeper, but he is legend.  Larry’s a liberal nut for sure, but a broadcaster of a dying breed…literally.  Good night, sweet wrinkled prince; this song’s for you!  Now, click the player below, and enjoy an appropriate sendoff…for a degenerate wacko.

The Fox And Rice Experience: He One King…Named Larry by HumanEvents