X-MAS SONG: I Saw Bubba Kissing Everyone

President Barry is such a lightweight zilch that he had to bring President Clinton into the White House Press Room to answer a bunch of scary questions about tax cuts.  Imagine Ronald Reagan calling in Gerald Ford to do his job for him, or if George W. Bush brought in Daddy to save him from the nasty, brutish media? 

This Bama is a disaster, and an utter, rookie incompetent.  The second mistake Obama made by bringing Bubba into his old stain-making turf was leaving him alone.  That’s right, Barack ditched the presser because his wife was beckoning him to a Christmas Party.  Does FRX REALLY have to explain what happened next?  The tie came off, the trousers dropped, cigars emerged, and the saxophone was blown!  Just remember that The Philanderer is ALWAYS more interesting to watch than The Doofus.  And, to discover what else Little Willie and Big Willie were up to, click the player to experience the true meaning of a stocking stuffer!

The Fox And Rice Experience: I SAW BUBBA KISSING EVERYONE by HumanEvents