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VIDEO: Now that would be totally awesome, wouldn’t it?


Has Gov. Jindal Ever Rode Shotgun with Steven Seagal?

VIDEO: Now that would be totally awesome, wouldn’t it?

Oh, c’mon, it’s a valid question. Seagal is actually a deputized sheriff in Louisiana’s Jefferson Parish. And the famed martial arts expert has his own AMC reality television series that follows him around while he performs, well, cop duties. The show is called “Lawman.” And, since it involves Steven Seagal, it’s awesome. Of course. Why wouldn’t it be?

So, Gov. Jindal, have you ever rode shotgun with Seagal, scoping out crime and slapping metal cuffs on the wrists of grimy-looking bad dudes?

As an aside, Seagal’s best movie is “Under Siege.” Hands down.  And as a double aside, one of my life’s goals is to meet him.

Which means, if you happened to know how to get a hold of him (you know, one of those odd and intrusive “six degrees of separation” connections), my email address is below!

Jindal/Seagal 2012!  Don’t hate!

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