X-MAS SONG: O Tannenbama

It’s that time of year again to celebrate the holidays with a president who doesn’t go to church.  Where does The Bama go when it’s too cold to be golfing on Sundays?  Does he stand under the mistletoe with Robert Gibbs?  Does he spin the dreidel with David Axelrod?  Does he hide from Joe Biden?  Most likely, he goes and gets his face busted open on the b-ball court…again.  Then he smokes a carton of cigs.  Next, he comes home and gets ragged on by his wife Michelle and his mother-in-law for playing too much X-Box 360.  And so, considering what a great upstanding citizen Barack Obama is, we’ve decided to sing about it.  It’s time to click the player below, and have a little Commander-in-Chief for Christmas.

The Fox And Rice Experience: O TANNENBAMA by HumanEvents