X-Mas Classic: Biden The Plugs Man

What exactly does Vice President Joe Biden do all day long?  FRX is here to tell you.  Now, most people think he just sits on the pot at the Naval Observatory, looking at a Victoria’s Secret catalog.  While this is indeed true, one thing he also loves to do is to gallivant around Washington, D.C., dancing and singing with a group of schoolchildren (it looks like a scene from a demented fairy tale, like Pan’s Labyrinth on Pennsylvania Avenue).  Even President Obama believes that this activity is the best way for Biden to spend his time.  Plus, managing the stimulus money turned out to be too stressful on the Veep’s brain functions.  So, come enjoy another magical Christmas tale about a boy named Joe.  It’s time to take a moment to smile, and click the player below.

The Fox And Rice Experience: X-Mas Classic- BIDEN THE PLUGS MAN by HumanEvents


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