Cognitive Dissonance On The Left is trying to fleece its suckers… er, raise money from its contributors with something it calls the “Millionaire Bailout Accountability Fund.”  Ironically, two hundred grand is the exact point at which leftist ideology says one joins The Evil Rich and becomes a millionaire, and an official Enemy Of The People.  I hope MoveOn doesn’t assign one person to manage all those contributions, because they’ll instantly turn evil when the $200k contribution goal is reached, and the other Move On Dot Orgers will be obliged to tear them to pieces.  The office will end up looking like the hospital from the first episode of “The Walking Dead.”

The purpose of the Millionaire Bailout Accountability Fund is to finance “rallies and hard-hitting ads targeted at members of Congress who vote for millionaire tax breaks, while doing nothing to help struggling families.”  My contribution is the comma I added to that sentence.  Man, it sure sounds like the MoveOn gang is getting ready to take some “hostages” with this campaign.  I hope they realize how much their beloved President Obama frowns on that sort of thing.

Why is it so important to suck two hundred grand out of MoveOn’s endlessly gullible base of support?  Because President Obama’s tax rate compromise is “terrible economic policy.”  Plus, it is “immoral to pass a millionaire tax bailout while cutting off unemployment aid for families in need.”

Wait a second.  Let the “millionaire tax bailout” thing slide for a moment.  “Cutting off unemployment aid to families in need?”  Whatever else you can say about the tax deal, it does no such thing.  It extends unemployment benefits, which already run an astounding 99 weeks, dropping the pricey invoice for those extensions in the lap of small business owners.  This is not a matter of opinion.  It’s an objective fact.

I know you’re shocked that an organization founded to save Bill Clinton from perjury charges would lie to its membership.  The interesting thing is that they would lie about something so obvious.  It’s hardly the only example of delusion to be found on the Left these days, and the process is accelerating.  The “reality based community” always had a primitive grasp of basic economics, and a loose grip on reality, but they’re flying completely off the deep end into outright hallucination.

A lot of this is heartbreak over the “fall from grace” of President Messiah, who shrank into President Kickass, and finally dwindled to President Hostage.  It’s also a matter of ideology.  The Left believes in a system where all resources are parceled out through the wisdom of a wise and benevolent State, which means outcomes must be determined in advance.  The titans of the Democrat Party have already designed a utopian future for us.  We just have to work backwards to figure out how to get there.  That’s why liberals turn incandescent with fury at the thought of designated class enemies getting to keep their income.  When conservatives speak of free people creating wealth and prosperity by spending and investing their own earnings, liberals see greedy millionaires stealing somebody else’s bus ticket to Paradise.

Barack Obama is the most aggressively leftist president elected in generations, and he came into office with both houses of Congress under the sacred control of the Democrat priesthood.  The world MoveOn sees outside its window is not what things were supposed to look like after two years of Lightworking.  The dissonance between expectation and observation yields madness.

2011 and 2012 will bear no greater resemblance to the universe of hard-left ideology than 2010 did.  The true believers will remain baffled, and groups like MoveOn will have little difficulty picking their pockets.  It’s not a bad racket.