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We've taken a moment to unzip, and take a 'WikiLeak' all over Xenu.


‘(I’m Dreamin Of A) Scientology Christmas’

We’ve taken a moment to unzip, and take a ‘WikiLeak’ all over Xenu.

Tis the season NOT to celebrate Scientology.  But we’re Fox and Rice, which means that, at the most basic level, we’re one Jew and one Catholic.  And so, while we enjoy the month’s holiday festivities (at least, for the ones that represent actual religions), we take a moment to unzip, and take a ‘WikiLeak’ all over a bogus religion.  Last week, it was reported that John Travolta and Kelly Preston had a ‘silent birth’ (a scientology practice during which Preston had her mouth gagged, while Travolta danced around her, singing “You’re The One That I Want” from Grease.)  After this ritual was over, a baby was teleported into the hospital from a remote planet of a distant extraterrestrial past. 

And, also last week, just in time for your L. Ron Hubbard Pollyanna list this holiday, was the DVD release of the new Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz pile of crap, called Knight and Day.  Please, only buy this movie for someone you hate deeply.  Is Tom Cruise finished?  Some say so. He has tried for years now to rehabilitate himself from those Oprah couch-jumping days.  And that’s where FRX comes in, for we only want the best for dear Tom, and if you click the player below, you’ll find out why you’ll probably never be a Scientologist like him.

The Fox And Rice Experience: (I’M DREAMIN OF A) SCIENTOLOGY CHRISTMAS by HumanEvents

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