X-Mas Classic: The Nancy Song

Nancy Pelosi’s face looks like the unfinished Death Star from Return of The Jedi, right before Lando Calrissian and the Rebel Alliance blew it up for the second time.  Many are upset that Grandma Nancy won’t retire or step down from a leadership position when the new Congress convenes next year, but not FRX.  We love Nancy. 

That’s because the same doughy grist that we use for our joke mill is the very stuff that keeps Nancy’s face from falling off.  It’s an amazing substance that’s still yet to be quantified by the Periodic Table of Elements. 

So, as the holiday season continues, we’ve chosen to ruin a classic Christmas song to express our love for the first ex-female Speaker of the House of Representatives.  Indeed, it’s time to click the player below, and cherish how sentimental these moments can make us!

The Fox And Rice Experience: X-Mas Classic: The Nancy Song by HumanEvents